Fireline Entertainment

November 1, 2010

Ever wonder what we do when the weathers socked in and we’re stuck on a hillside waiting for a lift? Yah didn’t think so but here you go anyways.

A great many photos from the Genies are being filtered through and should be ready for display shortly.

Stay tuned.


Eagle Pass

July 11, 2010

Time flies… A couple of busy weeks. Not on fires but had a couple of fun projects to get me away from Salmon Arm for a few days of sanity. Last week a small group of us headed south past Vernon to an old fire not to far from Sugar Lake. Two days of falling big cedars and one evening at the beautiful Davis Camp. Davis is a stunning piece of property owned by the forest service directly on Sugar Lake. It’s used as a forwarding base/fire camp when things get busy but for one evening and a morning we had the place to ourselves. Swimming in the lake, fishing off the logs of the breakwater, bbq dinner and a small fire before falling into a bunk bed in one of the small cabins.

The week previous I scored a good job for rap delta cleaning up the access road to the Eagle Pass hiking area. Several large hemlocks and a cedar had fallen across the road preventing any vehicle access. We got up early so that when the road was clear we had a couple of spare hours to go check out the hiking trails. Not quite enough time to make it to the summit but as you can see the view from just above Twin Lakes is pretty good.


A Week in the Life

June 27, 2010

Some more pics from last week.

My friend Darin (Gollum) Carmicheal and I go fishing at Gardom Lake.

Pilar enjoying the view at the top of the Revelstoke uber classic rappel/boat access climbing area “Waterworld.” The first pitch of the route we chose was possibly the finest single pitch of climbing I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. If you’re going through Revi do not miss this one. Oh yah… Pilar made it into Vet. Med. at USASK. Nice one!

And then there’s me… looking quite proud of myself. My first attempt at chainsaw furniture (don’t look too closely).

Stay Cool


Welcome Visitors

June 27, 2010

Finally had a chance to get my boots dirty this past week. Was called out to a small fire up in the Caribou more or less directly in between Quensnel, Valmount and 100 Mile. We don’t need to talk about the fact that it rained most of the day and that mother nature did the lions share of the work putting it out. It was great to get out if only for a day. Weather in Salmon Arm has been promising the last couple of days (it decided however to have a good rain this afternoon) and Rap Bravo put on a good show for all the folks who made it out to the Salmon Arm Airshow today.

Still catching up with some older photos. Back in april I had a rare but great visit from a long but not completely lost friend and her two beautiful daughters. Thanks for the entertainment. Please stop by anytime.


Rap Delta 2010

June 23, 2010

Still no fire… but two crews are going to Manitoba and one to McBride which means that Delta is now first up. Today we went on a smoke chase down near Cougar Canyon in Vernon where we often go climbing in the spring. The area was beautiful. It would have been nice to hang out there for a little while but… no dice, just a tease.

Here is a self portrait from last week. We scored a day away from base clearing out one of the ministries weather stations just above Sicamous and found this sweet hang gliding ramp just round the corner.

From left to right: Duncan, Me and Mandy


The 251 Nine

June 9, 2010

Salmon Arm…. wet, wet… really wet.

So here we go. A shot from back in ’08. N50251 (Somewhere between Nakusp and Revelstoke). Five days and four nights on the hill after which we were happy to head back to civilization. A decent meal, fresh socks and a flat place to stand when you roll out of bed. It’s the little things…

This was one of several burning giants that had to come down. Small trees in this stand where five feet diameter. Five days I won’t soon forget.


New Recruits 2010

June 7, 2010

We have gone back to the tradition of having new recruits finish their training with one rappel into the infield at base. A great way to finish four weeks of hard work.

Nice one Alora, Brendan, Duncan, Keiran, Matt, Sam and Todd. Enjoy your days off.


Not a real stunning image but it pretty much sums up our trip to Ontario. We were there just long enough to get briefed on the Ontario way, have some gear issued, return said gear and then fly home. This job never ceases to be humorous but… met some great folks, played a great game of volleyball, went for two good runs on some nearby trails and another short workout on Lakeside U’s indoor track (my first in quite some time).

Good luck to all those who carried on to Quebec. I’ll see you around.


Stoke Holiday

June 6, 2010

New recruits all trained up and drank up. Saturday I get up and do my bit to clean things up so that I can hit the road. Where to go? Revelstoke? Why not?
Off I go thinking of hot springs, sleeping in my car and the slimmest of chances of finding someone willing to climb with a stranger with a moustache. Instead after a cup of tea and some lunch I find Michelle who feeds me, entertains me (with her beautiful daughter and cute puppy), provides me with a warm bed and offers up her husband/partner to climb with the next day.

Thank you Michelle, Alex, Autumn and Loki.


A starting point.

December 28, 2009

One to start with.

Here goes…